Automation Maturity Model

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Let's automate our acceptance tests, incrementally with a low hanging fruit strategy.

  1. Zero automation
  2. Execution
  3. Verification
  4. Start (looking for a better name)
  5. Configuration
  6. Installation

Each level encompasses the previous ones.

The five levels reminded me of the Capability Maturity Level, hence the name.

  1. No automation at all : tests are described in textual procedures and are played manually, a process that is tedious and error-prone
  2. Tests execution automated : the tests can be executed in one shot.
  3. Verification : the tests are able to verify the system' behavior and to exit with a PASS/FAIL criteria (unique result)
  4. Start : the tests now start and stop the system under test
  5. Configuration : the tests setup the system to fit their needs
  6. Installation : the system is automatically compiled and deployed from the configuration management system prior the tests

Level five is Click-to-Test, or one-button testing.

TextTest is an astute way to automate the verification of the results of the tests.

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